The Calories in Chicken Lettuce Wraps

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Chicken lettuce wraps are usually made from grilled or fried chicken breast and flour tortillas. However, total calories also depends on any extras, such as sauces. Other variations on chicken lettuce wraps include the Chinese version, with many more calories.

Total Calories (Plain Wrap)

A skinless fried chicken breast contains 158 calories. Baked chicken breast contains 141 calories, according to MyFood-a-pedia from the USDA. Add that to 166 calories for a flour tortilla and 6 calories for 1/2 cup of chopped lettuce and the total calories for a plain chicken lettuce wrap is between 313 and 330 calories.


Most chicken lettuce wraps come with some kind of sauce or extra filling. A tablespoon of ranch dressing, for example, would add another 77 calories to the wrap. A quarter cup of tomato sauce adds 20 calories.


Not all chicken lettuce wraps are made the same way. For example, a popular variation is the Chinese chicken lettuce wrap where the lettuce wraps around diced spicy chicken. One whole dish of this type of wrap comes to 510 calories, according to the Calorie King website.

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