Safe & Organic Shampoos That Work

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Most commercial shampoos contain chemicals that may damage your hair and your health. Parabens, synthetic fragrances and ethoxylated compounds are in many shampoos and may be carcinogenic, according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to consumer education about cosmetic ingredients. Safe and organic shampoos that work just as well as chemical-laden shampoos can keep your hair, and the rest of you, healthy.

Baby Shampoos

Children's shampoos, even those labeled as natural or gentle, can contain a laundry list of chemicals that can irritate your baby's skin or create hormone-disrupting impacts, according to the Delicious Living website. Children are particularly susceptible to toxins in shampoo because their skin is thinner. They are also more likely than adults to be sitting in a tub in which the shampoo is floating for an extended period of time. Select baby shampoos with the USDA organic seal and that don't contain chemical compounds with names that include the "eth" suffix to be safe, such as Aubrey Organics Natural Baby and Kids Bath Soap, California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo and Bodywash and Earth Tribe Kids Botanical Baby Shampoo and Bath Gel, Delicious Living recommends. Each of these manufacturers have also signed the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics compact attesting that they will not use materials known to be harmful to health in their products.

Adult Shampoos

Luxurious, effective adult shampoos are available from a growing number of companies that produce personal care products that are either USDA-certified organic, have signed the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics compact or both. "Stanford Magazine" reports that Stanford students and alumni who reside in Synergy House, an ecologically oriented student residence, recommend Aubrey Organics and Giovanni shampoos and conditioners. Both companies are signatories to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics compact, and both offer a variety of shampoos for different hair types. The Organic Consumers Association also recommends Heritage Products' Olive Oil Shampoo, which does not contain known carcinogenic or toxic ingredients.

Multipurpose Shampoos

Stanford University's alumni and students recommend Dr. Bronner's all-in-one castile soap for all-in-one soap and shampoo uses. California manufacturer Dr. Bronner's is an early signatory of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics compact and a pioneer in the field of safe, natural personal products. Dr. Bronner's products are USDA-certified organic as well as certified Fair Trade. The success of this company for five generations attests to the effectiveness of its products. Burt's Bees Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar is another safe, organic personal care product that can serve multiple purposes as a facial bar, shower soap and shampoo. Because this shampoo is in bar form, it is also easy to travel with, avoiding airport security stops for carrying liquids.