Weight Watcher Ideas for Fast Food Meals

by Kay Ireland ; Updated July 18, 2017

Mexican food is often made with healthy beans and vegetables, making it an ideal choice for fast food fare.

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When you're following the Weight Watchers points system, you may think that you don't have enough points to spare to stop at the drive-through window of your favorite fast food joint. While not all fast food restaurants are equal when it comes to nutrition and points values, there are some where you can find a healthy and satisfying meal that only feels fattening. Thinking about your options wisely and choosing healthier options than a standard burger and fries can net you a fast food meal that satisfies your stomach and your waist line.

Salad Bar

Choosing fast food restaurants that offer salads alongside the usual fare is a good idea when you're craving a fast meal. Beware of some salads, however; although they may look like they are low calorie when you read the nutrition information, some have high add-ons like croutons, salad dressing and cheese that amp up the calorie count and fat content. Choose a salad that has grilled chicken, and skip the dressing. Weight Watchers recommends a Blimpie Chef Salad for four points.

Chicken Choices

While you may be craving a big, juicy burger, grilled and fried hamburgers from fast food restaurants are often laden with fat and calories. Go for a chicken sandwich instead. When grilled, it's a healthy alternative to a burger, and can be dressed in much the same way a burger would be. Choose a piece of grilled chicken without the bun and you can eat even more. Weight Watchers likes the KFC grilled drumstick with corn on the cob on the side for a mere six points.

Beyond Burgers

While you may hear "fast food" and automatically think burgers or chicken, fast food restaurants offer lighter fare that will fill you up without filling our your waistline as well. Look past the burgers for other offerings. Wendy's has a chili that in a small size is only four points, and Boston Market offers a vegetarian chili for as many points.

Mexican Fare

If you're craving fast food, try something different and go for a surprisingly healthy fast food meal at a Mexican fast food restaurant. A Soft Beef Taco from Taco Bell will only run you five points, according to the Weight Watchers website, and Del Taco has a Bean and Cheese Burrito that will only cost you five points from your day. Mexican food is often made with healthy beans and vegetables, making it an ideal choice for fast food fare.

Sandwich Selections

Fast food giant Subway has long touted their low fat and low calorie offerings for a healthier lifestyle, and weight watches agrees. A six-inch roast beef, turkey or ham Subway sandwich is only four points. Beware of sauces and cheese, though. They can take a low-fat sandwich and bring it up two or three more points. Instead, go with vinegar for flavor and skip the cheese to keep the points value low.

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