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Serve fresh juice with breakfast for a nutrient-rich start to the day.

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Whether you are an expert juicer or new to the scene, you can benefit from juicing. Juicing can be a convenient way for your family to consume fruits and vegetables. In addition, juicing allows you to use up produce that's overripe and undesirable for you to eat whole.


Freshly made juice can be a delicious start to your day and a healthy addition to your breakfast. Juice made at home differs from the juice you buy at the store because it does not have preservatives and it has not been pasteurized. Do not make more juice than you and your family can drink in one sitting. Making fresh juice will require you to drink it almost immediately because it is not preserved and harmful bacteria can accumulate if you store it improperly. Plan your juice ahead of time to avoid having wasted juice.


Juicing can be a delicious alternative to eating raw fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, the beneficial soluble and insoluble fiber from fruits and vegetables is lost during the juicing process. Fiber is primarily in the skins of fresh produce. Save some of the pulp from your juicer to add the fiber back into your diet. You can add some of the pulp directly back into your juice. Save your vegetable pulp and add it into marinara sauce at dinner as a way to sneak some vegetables into your children's diet.


You can hide vegetables in fruit juice as a way to consume them and mask the flavor. This can be beneficial if you do not like to eat vegetables or if your children do not consume enough vegetables. Add mild-flavored vegetables that are high in nutrients, such as carrots, cucumbers and celery. If you like the flavor of vegetables, you can add spinach, fennel, red leaf lettuce, cabbage or escarole.


Add protein to your fresh juice beverage for a nutritional boost. Crack a raw egg into the juicer to add around 8g of protein to your drink. Raw eggs can also be replaced with a pasteurized egg substitute. You can also add in a scoop of protein powder, but you may want to mix it in a blender to get the lumps out and make it smooth. Lastly, you can use your fresh juice in your diet powder drinks.

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