Dry Hair in Guys

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Women are not the only ones who experience hair issues; men can have problem locks as well. For guys with dry hair, a variety of products and hair-care tips can help to add moisture to frazzled strands. By knowing the causes of dry hair, men can prevent more moisture loss and protect their hair against future damage.


Hair is composed of protein called keratin, and it grows from follicles beneath the scalp. Once hair emerges from the scalp, it is no longer living. The follicles continue to release oil to protect the hair from the roots to the tips. A lack of oil in the follicles or environmental factors can contribute to dry hair. Men with dry hair may experience itchiness, flaking and split ends.


Towel drying is one of the leading causes of damaged hair among men, according to the website Haircuts for Men. Men often rub their hair excessively when drying, which can remove too much moisture and cause breakage. Other causes of dry hair include shampooing, bathing or frequent swimming. Water, shampoo, chlorine and salt water strip oils from the scalp and hair. The sun, heat styling and certain styling products can also dry out hair.


Shampoos, conditioners and styling gels that contain astringents or alcohol can suck moisture from your hair, so choose products that do not contain alcohol. Men with dry hair can use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Shampoos and conditioners with humectants, shea butter and vitamin E all add moisture to hair. Guys with dry hair can also try a deep-conditioning product once a week for an intense moisturizing treatment. A leave-in conditioner is also beneficial for men with dry hair, as it can protect against damaging environmental elements such as sun and pollution.


Men with dry hair can prevent more moisture loss by protecting the hair from environmental hazards. Use a hat to cover your hair when you go out in the sun, and wear a swim cap to prevent chlorine from saturating and drying out your hair when you swim. If you have dry hair, you do not need to wash it every day; washing can suck out moisture. Try washing your hair every two to three days. Hot showers can also dry out hair, so use lukewarm water. When drying your hair, blot it with a towel and let it air dry; do not rub your hair or use a blow dryer.


If your hair is still dry after you try styling and hair-care precautions to protect and moisturize your hair, you may be lacking in nutrients or have a medical condition. A balanced diet that is rich in protein and vitamins E and B helps to improve hair health, so incorporate these elements into your diet regularly. If your hair condition does not improve, see your doctor for a checkup to determine if you have a medical issue such as hypothyroid condition.