2nd Wedding Ideas for Couples in Their Forties

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Couples who have been married before often use their second marriage as an opportunity to explore wedding options they never considered the first time around. A person’s first wedding is filled with expectations, and many first-time brides and grooms are so focused on creating the perfect day they don’t take the time to truly enjoy it. A second wedding where the couple is a little older and a little wiser can be even more joyful and personal than the first.

Destination Wedding

Couples planning their second wedding often choose to get married somewhere exotic. For many, the dream of an exotic wedding wasn’t possible the first time, either because of family logistics, money or their partner’s plans. The second time around you don’t have to worry so much about whether or not every single family member will be able to make it. They already saw you get married the first time. This frees you up to travel somewhere like Jamaica, Hawaii or Fiji to tie the knot.

A Private Affair

If your first wedding was a large family event, make this one intimate and private with just your closest friends and your betrothed. Having a small wedding allows you to get more creative with favors, decorations and food, since you don’t have to get 200 of every item. Host your small wedding in your favorite restaurant or club, or have it at home for a truly comfortable and private party.

Run Away Together

This time, maybe you don’t want to have a planned wedding at all. Indulge your spontaneity and hop on a plane to Paris or Aruba. No matter where you end up, you’ll have to get a marriage license, so be sure you can stay long enough for it to be approved. This is a good way to combine your wedding and your honeymoon in one.

Go All Out

While many people go all out on their first wedding and don’t want the hassle for the second one, others never had a big wedding to begin with. For young couples, money is often a hurdle, and many young people don’t want to spend time planning a big soiree. If that was the case for you, take this opportunity to go all out. Plan a huge wedding in a ballroom. Get the biggest cake you can find. Make this the wedding you will always remember.