Why Eggs Burn Fat

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While they have received a bad reputation in the past, eggs are actually nutritious and beneficial to you. They help the body fight fat and create a slim physique. With so many ways to prepare an egg, it is a great way to jump start your metabolism.


According to Egg Nutrition Center, eggs contain nine vitamins, eight minerals, two amino acids and many other macronutrients. A few of the most notable ingredients include: iron, calcium, vitamin B12, thiamine and protein. These ingredients create a food rich in nutrients and powerful for fat burning.


Eggs contain a high amount of protein, which allows the body to burn fat. When you increase your protein intake, it raises your metabolism. Additionally, consuming protein requires your body to use more energy. This allows your body to burn calories and fat while digesting the protein.

Vitamin B12

Eggs possess the vitamin B12, which breaks down and burns fat within the body. According to Medline Plus, it works with the metabolic system to increase energy, which allows your body to be more active throughout the day. The activity brought forth by vitamin B12 allows you to continually break down fat once you have consumed it.


According to the website Medical News Today, leucine, an amino acid found in eggs, provides an advantage to the body when you are trying to lose weight. When dieting, leucine decreases the amount of lean tissue loss and increases the amount fat loss. This promotes more weight loss and fat burning.

Nutritionally Enhanced Eggs

Eggs contain so many nutrients that help the body. Today, poultry nutrition specialists enhance a chicken’s diet to make eggs even healthier. Animal by-products can be added to the hen’s diet to increase the amount of protein in an egg. Flax or fish oils are added to increase fatty acids. All of these enhancements are specially monitored for the safest results.