Brands of Wheat-Free Bread

by Emily Cooper

Celiac disease is one of the most common reasons for eliminating wheat from the diet, with about 1 in every 133 Americans diagnosed. Removing wheat from your diet does not mean you have to eliminate bread and bread products because many brands carry a variety of wheat-free breads.

Breads Without Wheat

Udi's Gluten Free Breads carries five different varieties of sliced breads and a few kinds of buns that are made without wheat. The Food For Life brand offers four types of sprouted wheat-free breads, which help maximize nutrition and digestion. Rudi's Gluten Free Bakery carries five varieties of wheat-free sandwich breads. The Ener-G brand carries many different bread products that are free of wheat, dairy, soy and egg. Schar brand stocks a list of wheat-free breads including ciabatta and baguettes. Each store may also contain additional brands.

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