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Steakhouse restaurants are known for specializing in beef steaks, but most steakhouses will offer a full menu of various items such as grilled chicken entrees, seafood, appetizers and desserts. Dispersed across the nation but allowing local taste to influence the menu, steakhouse nutrition information can vary based on serving sizes, ingredients and recipes.


While steaks are the focal point on the menu, other common entrees include chicken, ribs, shrimp and salmon or sandwiches. Appetizers -- commonly referred to as starters -- will typically include buffalo wings, onion rings and sampler platters featuring small portions of multiple appetizers. Common side items that complement the entrees include baked potatoes, vegetables and french fries.


Some steakhouses such as Texas-style steakhouses will specialize in large steak portions while others serve small portions with an a la carte ordering style. Cooking style such as frying and ingredients such as butter or sauces will also influence caloric content. For example, the grilled 7-oz. fillet from Longhorn Steakhouse contains 450 calories while the Parmesan-crusted chicken contains 1,080 calories with the added breading and ingredients.


Grilled steaks, chicken and seafood will feature a majority of the calories from protein and fat with only small amounts of carbohydrates. Breaded items or entrees with additional sauces, however, will contain significant amounts of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Teriyaki chicken from The Keg Steakhouse and Bar, for example, contains 27 g of total fat, 61 g of total carbohydrates and 89 g of protein. According to the American Heart Association, it’s recommended to eat no more than 6 oz. of cooked lean meat, poultry or fish per day. Choosing lean beef can reduce fat content by 15 percent.


Steakhouses commonly offer a “Healthy Eating Guide” to help you make informed dining decisions. These guides provide tips on how to select foods that meet your nutritional requirements such as limited intake of certain nutrients like sodium, fat or carbohydrates. The healthy eating guide from The Keg Steakhouse and Bar recommends ordering salad dressings and sauces on the side along with drinking water, diet soda or unsweetened tea to reduce calories and sugars. Order steamed or fresh vegetables for the side items instead of rice, fries or loaded baked potatoes.


Menu items at steakhouses will commonly contain potential food allergens. As a result, steakhouses may offer specialty menus, such as a gluten-free menu to meet your dietary needs. The Longhorn Steakhouse, for example, has a gluten-free menu with suggestions for salads, entrees, sandwiches, side items and desserts. Other possible allergens include nuts or dairy.

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