The Best Hair Removal Products for Men

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Men shouldn't let unwanted body hair create a hair-raising situation. By using the right products and techniques, the hair removal process can be quick and relatively painless right from home. First, properly prep your skin with a glycolic acid exfoliator to remove dead skin cells or a pre-shave oil to soften hair. After the hair is gone, follow up with a soothing ointment to reduce any hair-removal irritation. It's also important to know which removal products work best on certain body parts -- sure, you can use a razor to shave in between your brows, but wax does a better job in this spot. These tips, plus using the proper products, are sure to get you out of any hairy situation.

Facing the Beard

The easiest, quickest way to get rid of a beard is to shave it off. Men who don't want to mess around with shaving gels and creams, nicks and cuts, or even water should head for an electric razor. It's a solid option for sensitive skin because it rolls up the face and cuts the hair the first time. A manual razor, however, is portable and easier to clean off than an electric razor. Replace the blade or get a new disposable razor after about four uses. The downside to ditching hair this way is that you're more prone to ingrown hairs. Try Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Razor or the Caswell-Massey Safety razor.

Looking at the Legs

Athletic men who bike or run may get rid of leg hair for performance reasons or because it makes wound care easier. The best way for men to do this is using a depilatory or cream hair remover. These feature a chemical that attacks hair proteins and instantly dissolves the hair. The process generally lasting about 30 minutes, and legs can remain hairless anywhere from one to several weeks. Try Nair's Shower Power for Men, Nad's Hair Removal Cream for Men or Veet for Men Gel Cream.

Keeping Chest and Back in Check

Men who have an abundance of chest and back hair find the best hair-removal results with laser treatments. Done in a board-certified dermatologist's office, laser hair removal uses light to kill the hair root. It takes about eight, half-hour sessions and thins out the hair dramatically instead of removing it completely. A cheaper option is to try it at home with an impulsed light treatment, a product featuring a bright light that converts into heat and then breaks down hair follicles. Any hair that grows back then is dramatically reduced. Check out the Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal System and the i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System by Remington.

Tackling Those Toes ... and More

Smaller body parts like in between the brows, the hair on your toes and even the genital area is best cleaned up with a little wax. Wax easily adheres to coarse hair to pull out the follicle in one quick rip. Carefully smooth the wax onto the section in the direction of hair growth. Wait for it to set a minute and then quickly rip the wax in the opposite direction. Waxed areas generally take about four to six weeks for the hair to grow back. Try Nad's for Men Body waxing strips, Parissa's Tea Tree wax strips or Bliss Wax to the Max Kit.