Philosophy Skincare Review

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Philosophy is a skin care and cosmetics company that was started by Cristina Carlino, founder of the BioMedic medical skin care line. BioMedic is focused on skin care products that are sold in dermatologists’ and cosmetic surgeons’ offices. Carlino created Philosophy to give women better access to quality products without having to visit a doctor’s office. She also wanted to develop a product line that emphasized wellness over physical perfection, thus building beauty from the inside out.

The Philosophy Behind Philosophy

Philosophy skin care products were developed with a “mind, body, spirit” approach, according to the company’s mission statement. The company prides itself on using only scientifically proven ingredients and creating products that are compatible for different skin types and needs, including oily skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin and sensitive skin. It also makes anti-aging products and some products for men. Product packaging is kept simple, using lowercase letters and pastel-colored bottles, each with a printed message about hope, inner beauty or sometimes, a recipe. Even the individual categories promote well-being, with names like Hope, Purity, Grace and Love.

A Variety of Products

The Philosophy line includes products for skin, bath, eyes and lips. These range from moisturizers to treatments, cosmetics, cleansers and fragrances. It also makes effective yet gentle bath scrubs, bath gels that can double as shampoos, and sunscreen products. Philosophy also makes skin care sets that contain several bottles of compatible products and promotes them for gift-giving.. Products can be bought online, in major department stores and at exclusive skin care stores.

Philosophy Treats For the Soul

Philosophy bath products and fragrances are good for the skin and smell delicious. You can enjoy sweet-smelling cleansing treats such as Frozen Lemon Custard, Waffle Cone, and customer favorites such as Cinnamon Buns and Gingerbread Man. These indulgent bath products originated with Philosophy’s first body washes, a line it aptly called The Cookbook.

Giving Back to the Community

In addition to treating your skin to tender loving care, some of the Philosophy products are created for philanthropic reasons, with 100 percent of net proceeds from sales donated to worthy causes. These organizations include Women’s Cancer Research, the Joyful Heart Foundation, Young Women’s Leadership Network. When you buy Philosophy, you not only take care of yourself, you also take care of others who are in need.

Skin Deep

Philosophy was founded on the premise of using medically proven ingredients to make women look and feel their best. Since its start in 1996, the company has stayed true to Cristina Carlino's original vision of offering the best skin care for all types of needs. Philosophy's mission is "celebrating the beauty of the human spirit." It does so through carefully researched and simply packaged quality products.