Products to Keep the New Growth of Hair Down

by Lynne Sheldon ; Updated July 18, 2017

Stay hair-free longer by waxing.

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Unwanted facial and body hair can be difficult to remove as well as slow down. According to CNN Health, laser treatments can slow your hair’s growth, but these can be costly and may not work for all skin and hair types. Instead, you can reduce hair regrowth at home by using alternative removal methods and hair-inhibiting lotions. These will keep hair growth down while also making your hair come in sparser and softer.

Hair Removal Creams

While shaving may be convenient, it does little to slow down the rate at which your hair returns. Instead, “Marie Claire” recommends using a depilatory product like Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream, which removes hair beneath your skin’s surface, making the results last longer. The company states that this product works by dissolving hair at the roots, and that this not only causes the hair to take longer to grow back, but that it also helps your hair come in softer and finer. This product promises to remove your unwanted hair in minutes while also softening and nourishing your skin.

Hot Wax

If you want to slow down the growth of hair on your bikini area, “Essence” recommends waxing the hair off, particularly if you want the Brazilian look. Waxing also removes hair at the root and helps it take longer to grow in than other methods of removal. The magazine suggests using GiGi Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Formula Hair Removal System, which has been formulated to work on thick, coarse hair while still being gentle on your skin. It contains hard, microwaveable wax that promises to effectively get rid of your hair without irritating sensitive areas, and give you results that last up to six weeks. It also contains a lotion called Slow Grow to be applied after hair removal. This hair-inhibiting lotion promises to reduce the rate at which your hair returns when applied daily to clean skin.

Hair Inhibiting Lotions

Once your hair has been removed, keep it that way longer by applying a hair-inhibiting lotion that contains capislow. “Cosmopolitan” states that this ingredient works by slowing down the activity involved in your hair’s regrowth process. The magazine recommends applying Completely Bare Completely Smooth for Body. This product promises that daily application will free you from having to remove your hair as frequently. It promises to refine your hair’s texture by up to 55 percent, lessen the amount that grows in by up to 50 percent and reduce your hair’s length by up to 30 percent. Both the company and “Cosmopolitan” claim that when you put this product on twice a day, it will make your hair softer and thinner in about a month.

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