The Best Working Hair-Removal Cream Products

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Cream products for hair removal are known as depilatories, which use chemicals to get rid of hair below your skin’s surface. Different products work best on separate regions of your body; it is important to first apply the product on a small area to test for allergies. In several articles on hair removal options, “Allure,” “Cosmopolitan,” and “Marie Claire” name their choice for the most effective hair removal creams for your face, mid-body and legs.

Completely Bare, Completely Gone Hair Vanishing Lotion

Facial hair can be an unwelcome burden, particularly if you are a woman. You can wax facial hair away, but that can cause redness and is often painful. Instead, “Allure” recommends using a depilatory cream like Completely Bare, Completely Gone Hair Vanishing Lotion. This lotion contains vitamins A and E to moisturize and soothe your skin, cutting down on the amount of irritation you may experience. It goes on as a foam and includes a scraper for removal, which means you do not have to get the cream on your hands. The company boasts that this cream will also have a pleasant scent, unlike other depilatories whose ingredients often cause them to smell like sulfur.

Veet Spray-On Hair Removal Cream

Random patches of hair can sprout up all over your body, including your stomach. To remove that annoying strip of belly hair, “Cosmopolitan” recommends using Veet Spray-On Hair Removal Cream. The company states that this product’s spray-on applicator allows for an easier way to get the cream on your skin and claims that you do not have to rub in the cream or spread it around with your fingers. This product promises to not only remove your hair in less than five minutes, but that it will also leave your skin feeling smoother and softer than before. It comes in two formulas: one for dry skin that contains shea butter and lily to give your skin some added hydration, and one for sensitive skin that contains soothing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E. The product also includes a spatula to help you scrape off the cream and your unwanted hair.

Nair Sensitive Gel Cream for Legs

Smooth, hair-free legs are always nice to have, especially during the summer months when you are wearing a bathing suit or shorts. For an effective hair removal cream for your legs, “Marie Claire” suggests Nair Sensitive Gel Cream for Legs. This product has been formulated for people with sensitive skin, and it promises to treat your skin gently while it removes any unwanted hair in about three minutes. It contains both moisturizers and exfoliators to soften and calm your skin, and to allow for more effective hair removal. The company claims that this cream will leave your skin feeling silkier and looking more vibrant, and that your hair-free results will last longer than those you would get by shaving.