Glycerin Supplements

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Glycerin, also called glyercine or glycerol, is a nutrient sold as a supplement for use in food, as a treatment for constipation and on the skin. Manufacturers add glycerin to protein bars because when taken with water, it facilitates "hyperhydration," according to the Supplement Research Foundation. It is sweet, clear and odorless. Glyercin is classified as a carbohydrate by the FDA.

Starwest Botanicals Vegetable Glycerin

Starwest Botanicals vegetable glycerin contains pure vegetable glycerine. The 2010 price was about $4.50 to $6.50 for a 4-oz. bottle. You can apply it to dry skin or take it internally. Dilute the product with water if using on your skin. You can add vegetable glycerin to food as a sweetener or to give it a moist texture, as protein bar manufacturers do.

Now Foods Vegetable Glycerin

Now Foods vegetable glycerin is water soluble and comes from vegetable oil. This supplement may be taken orally, but you can use it for cosmetic purposes too. It costs between $5 and $9 for a 16-oz. bottle.

Fleet Pedia Lax Glycerin

Fleet Pedia Lax Glycerin is a children's glyercine supplement that you use as a suppository. The product may relieve discomfort from constipation and is meant for occasional use. It comes an applicator. Fleet Pedia Lax Glycerin was previously marketed under the name Babylax.

Heritage Products Vegetable Gylcerin

Heritage Products Vegetable Gylcerin contains USP grade pure vegetable glycerin. Pure glyercin is safe for internal use so you can use it as a sweetener. Use it on your face and body like a lotion, too. You may use this supplement as a base for herbal extracts by mixing a teaspoon of glycerin with 3/4 oz. water and a few drops of your favorite herbal remedy. It costs between $6.50 and $9.50 for an 8-oz. bottle.

SciFit Glycerol Infusion

SciFit Glycerol Infusion is a supplement that has 19 g of glycerin per serving. It is marketed to bodybuilders and athletes, particularly endurance athletes, because of glycerin's hydration benefits. Each serving provides 75 calories and 19 g of glycerol esters. One 16-oz. container costs from $10 to $17. SciFit recommends taking the product two hours before a competition or workout with water or a 16-oz. sports drink.