Gadgets for Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Women

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For some women, the quest to remove undesirable body hair is a daily obsession. From waxing to the use of depilatories, women have sought effective hair-removal methods to get rid of unsightly facial hair. Recently, laser hair removal has been introduced to the market, and it has proven to be extremely effective. This technology can be effective at removing not only body hair, but facial hair as well.

No!No! Hair Removal

The No!No! hair removal system claims that it can help you achieve "laser center quality hair removal" without leaving your home. According to the manufacturer's website, the No!No! hair removal system is 94 percent effective and works on light or dark hair. The product works by sending an electric pulse to the hair follicle, which heats it up and destroys it. This device can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's website for around $349 as of 2013.

Epila Personal Laser Hair Remover

The makers of the Epila Personal Laser claim it can permanently remove hair from almost anywhere on your body, including your face. It works by emitting light that is absorbed by the melanin in your skin, which then rapidly heats the hair follicle, resulting in its destruction. You can buy it direct from the manufacturer's website for around $179 as of 2010.

Silk'n Pro

According to the manufacturer's website, the Silk'n Pro has been rigorously tested and is considered to be the top FDA-approved, at-home, light-based hair-removal device in the world. This product uses what the manufacturer calls home pulsed light, or HPL, technology. It utilizes the light energy to heat and destroy the hair follicle and is safe for both body and facial hair. You can purchase this device from the manufacturer's website for about $449 as of 2010.