How to Get Rid of Red Skin Moles

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Most people have moles on their skin. These discolored spots can appear at birth, or develop later in life from hormonal changes. Reddish skin moles stand out against lighter-colored skin tones, making them unsightly and highly noticeable. However, there are methods available to remove red skin moles. With medical treatment, you can get rid of even large red skin moles.

Visit your doctor for an examination of your red skin moles before you proceed with treatment. Your moles may actually be melanoma, a serious skin condition often resulting in skin cancer. There is no need to be overly alarmed, because most moles are benign, according to Cedars Sinai Medical Center. However, it's always good to get an examination just in case, especially if the red mole appeared recently. Also discuss with your doctor your plans for self-treatment of your red moles.

Apply silicone gel sheets to the red moles. If moles protrude from the skin, so-called “pressure therapy” can help smooth out the skin. The reddish discoloration will remain, but a silicone sheet can help even out the skin for a less noticeable mole. These sheets are designed to be worn 24 hours a day and can lead to skin smoothing after about four to six months.

Freeze the mole with cryotherapy. Offered at many dermatologist offices, cryotherapy is effective for removing moles, warts, keloid scars and other skin irregularities. Liquid nitrogen is used to destroy and remove the mole skin cells.

Undergo chemical peeling treatments at your doctor's office. Chemical peels remove the topmost layers of human skin, allowing new skin to regrow at the treatment site. Chemical peels will not fully remove most moles, but they can smooth out the skin and lighten reddish discoloration for a less visible appearance.

Undergo dermabrasion treatment. Similar to chemical peeling, dermabrasion removes topmost skin layers. The skin is removed using a rapidly rotating wire brush. New skin regrows over the old mole site. The skin may still be slightly discolored, but most evidence of the mole will fade after multiple dermabrasion treatments.

Remove the mole surgically with CO2 laser therapy. CO2 laser treatment is used in combination with a traditional surgical incision. The laser helps smooth out the edges of the surgical scar, according to the Johns Hopkins Cosmetic Center. This allows for a smooth, barely blemished surgical site after the mole is removed. Surgical and laser removal will often work, even when other treatments have little effect on the red mole.