The Best Facial Products for African American Women

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Delicate facial skin requires daily care to keep it at its healthiest. For black women, this means keeping your face moisturized and protected from the sun to avoid common issues like dullness, hyperpigmentation and ashy or dry skin patches. According to both “Essence” and “Elle,” the best facial products will nourish and repair damaged skin, help conceal areas of discoloration and provide protection from UV rays to help keep your face looking glowing and vibrant.

AHAVA TimeLine All Day Moisturizer

To prevent fine lines and other signs of aging, Ling Chan, the creator of LING Skin Care products and Ling Spas in New York City, states that keeping your skin moisturized is paramount. In “Essence,” she notes that hydrated skin is supple and better able to repair and protect itself from damage. “Essence” recommends applying a daily moisturizer like AHAVA TimeLine All Day Moisturizer, which the magazine states will lessen the appearance of wrinkles while smoothing out your skin. It contains SPF 15 to keep environmental damage from harming your face, all without being greasy or leaving behind any residue.

The product promises to absorb quickly into your skin, refine the texture of your complexion and keep your face moisturized for up to 12 hours. With daily application, it claims your skin will look younger and brighter.

Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation

In an article in “Elle,” dermatologist Heather Woolery-Lloyd, M.D., the director of ethnic skin care at the University of Miami, states that the most common skin problem her patients have is an uneven complexion. To camouflage hyperpigmentation and blemishes during the day, she recommends using Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation. This product acts as both a concealer and a foundation to help you disguise all your imperfections, including acne, bruises, under-eye circles and splotchy areas.

It comes in 30 different shades, making it easier for women of all colors to find one that matches their skin tone. It also contains SPF 30 to protect you from the sun, wind and environmental aggressors while it gives you a natural, uniform-looking complexion. This makeup is safe for sensitive skin, and it contains no oil, fragrances or parabens.

Fresh Soy Face Cream

For a gentle, but effective, moisturizer that firms and brightens your skin, “Essence” suggests Fresh Soy Face Cream. This product contains amino acids and antioxidants to smooth your skin’s texture and help it stay hydrated and protected, and the company states that this cream will both restore your skin’s health and help ward off future damage. It promises to absorb quickly and feel light and fresh, not greasy or filmy.

The soy protein will make your skin firm and radiant by encouraging collagen production, while the rosewater and cucumber extracts help calm your skin, prevent irritation and provide a 100-percent natural fragrance. The cream also contains tea extracts, seawater, jojoba oil and vitamins to provide your skin with thorough nourishment and protection. It contains no parabens and promises to be safe for every type of skin.