Top 10 Skin Care Products for Men

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Though drugstores and department stores are packed with skin care products designed for women, savvy skin care can play an important role in men's self-care regimens, too. Whether you're dealing with acne, noticing the first signs of getting older or just wanting to look your best for an important date or meeting, getting familiar with the best skin care products for men can help improve your appearance.

Exfoliating Scrub

A twice-a-week exfoliating scrub cleans out your pores to prevent acne and refreshes the top layer of your skin to keep you looking young. Lara Spencer, a makeup and skin care expert, recommends Anthony Logistics Facial Scrub as a good option for men on "Good Morning America."

Moisturizing Cleanser

Though you can get away with a harsher cleanser in your teens and 20s, when most men tend to have oily skin, "Details" magazine recommends switching to a moisturizing cleanser in your 30s, the decade when "Details" says most men's skin tends to dry out.

Shaving Oil

Prepping your face with shaving oil before your shave reduces friction on your skin and reduces the likelihood that you'll end up with shaving nicks or ingrown hairs, says dermatologist Nicholas Perricone in "GQ" magazine. "GQ" recommends Ren Tamanu High Glide Shaving Oil as a good option. Rub a little on before you apply your shaving cream.

Shaving Balm

Protect your skin by always following your shave with a gentle, alcohol-free shaving balm. Spencer suggests Eve After-shave Cream, which combines moisturizing shea butter with soothing cucumber.


The fine lines and discoloration most people associate with aging are caused largely by sun damage, says Bradford Katchen, a New York City dermatologist, in "Details" magazine. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day can prevent the most visible signs of aging.

Acne Spot Treatment

Guys get breakouts do, so when you do, "GQ" recommends being prepared with a salicylic acid lotion that will quickly soothe redness and inflammation. "GQ" recommends Anthony Logistics Spot Therapy as a good option.


Men need moisturizer, too, to keep their skin healthy and hydrated, but most moisturizers for women are too intense for guys' naturally oilier skin, explains Spencer. She recommends a lightweight moisturizer, like DDF Moisturizing Dew.

Eye Cream

Guys are prone to dark circles under the eyes, especially when they're pulling late nights at the office or on the party circuit. An eye cream with caffeine speeds up circulation to speed away dark circles, making you look well rested even when you're not, according to "Details."

Shaving Cream

If you shave, shaving cream is an essential part of the process. "GQ" recommends choosing a gentle, lightly lathering cream that doesn't contain heavy fragrances that can irritate your skin -- Baxter Super Close Shave Formula is one of "GQ"'s favorites.

Hydrating Mask

Though some guys may not be completely comfortable with the idea of a home facial, applying a weekly hydrating mask will help plump up wrinkles and sagging skin to make you look younger, according to "Details" magazine. "Details" recommends choosing a mask that contains glycerin, hyluronic acid or soy protein for maximum moisturizing power.