The Best Sunglasses for Round Faces

Design Pics/Design Pics/Getty Images

What to Look For

Round faces are characterized as having the same length and width with prominent curves. To achieve an angular appearance, people with round faces should opt for rectangular-shaped sunglasses. Shades with geometric lines and angles create definition and balance facial features. If curves are present, they should be sloped upward to draw attention to the eye area. Horizontal lines elongate faces with round cheeks and chins, giving the appearance of a thinner face. Sunglasses that have high temples that attach at the top of the frame also make for a leaner look.

Common Pitfalls

The broad nature of round faces can make it difficult to find sunglasses that fit properly. Frames should be slightly wider than your face. For fashion purposes, buyers tend to go for large, bold styles when selecting a pair of sunglasses. Oversized frames shorten a round face. Those who wear eyeglasses, opposed to contacts, may face an additional obstacle when purchasing sunglasses. Prescription lenses may need to be considered when finding the right sunglasses frame.

Where to Buy

Sunglasses can be purchased anywhere from a convenience store to retailers specializing in eyewear. LensCrafters is a leading company in the eyewear industry, offering a variety of lenses, frame and brand names. LensCrafters has on-site optometrists or a doctor’s office nearby for eye exams. Ray-Ban is another retail leader with store locations and online purchasing. Many Wal-Mart locations have in-store vision centers that sell sunglasses and perform eye exams for prescriptions, as well as providing nonprescription options on display throughout the store.


The cost of sunglasses varies depending on retail locations and manufacturer. The quality of material and manufacturing is generally evident in the price. Lenses that provide protection against UV radiation come standard with many sunglasses. Prescription lenses, glare reduction and other added features can increase the price. Buyers should expect to pay at least $100 for a good pair of sunglasses. Some vision insurance plans offer discounts on eyewear purchases, which can save on the cost.