How to Encourage Weak Hair to Grow

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Weak hair is tough to style -- the strands break easily, and limp locks struggle to hold curls or waves. Genetics or a health condition can cause weak hair for some people. Styling products and chemical treatments cause hair to snap, too. You can't force your hair to grow faster, but by pampering your tresses, they'll grow thick and strong.

Shampoo and Condition

Showering is healthy for your hair if you use the right shampoo and conditioner. Look for a shampoo that's labeled "strengthening," "renewal," "restorative" or "anti-breakage." If you use hot tools to style your mane, buy a shampoo that's designed to moisturize hair. Protein-based products help thicken weak hair and make it stronger. A weekly deep-conditioning treatment repairs damage and nourishes dry strands. After your shower, dry hair off with a soft microfiber towel. Microfiber absorbs water faster than a regular towel, so it's gentler on your hair.

Style Sense

Styling appliances, including flat irons and blow-dryers, weaken hair and make it more brittle. If you can't avoid using these tools, coat hair with a silicone-based serum before styling. The silicone shields hair from heat damage. Consider using an ionic blow-dryer, which can cut drying time in half. If you use a flat iron, opt for a tool that has a porous ceramic coating. The ceramic coating cuts down on frizz and helps keep your hair's cuticle from breaking. Only brush your hair to style or de-tangle it, because too much brushing can cause strands to break. Use a paddle brush with ball-tipped bristles or a plastic wide-tooth comb.

Nourish Your Hair and Scalp

A massage stimulates blood flow to your scalp, which may help promote hair growth. Every night, massage your scalp with your fingertips using small, circular motions. Begin at the base of your neck, then move around your hairline and work your way up. If you like, you can perform this massage when you're shampooing your hair in the shower. A diet that's rich in protein can help hair stay strong. Hair is mostly made of keratin, a type of protein, so eating the right foods may boost growth. Fish, lean meats, beans and nuts are rich in protein. Cutting your hair won't make it grow faster, but it will remove split ends and help prevent breakage.

Chemical Treatments

Chemical styling products and dyes don't do your hair any favors. Many dyes contain peroxide and ammonia, which weaken and dry out hair. Look for dyes that don't use these chemicals -- henna-based products are an example. Alternatively, opt for demi-permanent dye, which contains less peroxide and no ammonia. These dyes may color hair for two weeks to several months. Some dyes are mixed with oils, Shea or coconut butter to help protect and nourish hair. Buy styling products that contain stearyl alcohol, which strengthens hair. Curling, straightening, crimping and perming hair weakens follicles, so keep these treatments to a minimum.