How to Eat Healthy Thai Food While Eating Out

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Thai food originates from the nation of Thailand, known for its blend of strong flavors by using a combination of vegetables, fruits, meats, rice, sauces and spices. With its many mouth-watering temptations of oily dishes, fried appetizers and palatable desserts, eating Thai food while sticking to your healthy diet might seem impossible. However, with some preparation and self-control, you can enjoy your favorite Thai foods and not be bombarded by a feeling of guilt from over-indulgence.

Ordering Nutrient-Dense Foods

Before going out to eat, obtain a copy of the restaurant's menu.

Decide at home what dish you will order at the restaurant. Avoid fried, sauteed, battered and creamy dishes. Choose dishes that say broiled, steamed, poached or grilled. Some menus include caloric and nutrition information. Choose foods that are nutrient-dense and lower in calories. Avoid curries and dishes made with a heavy coconut sauce base.

Eating ethnic foods is partially about the experience. Limit your order of appetizers, avoiding greasy and fried foods. Salads with low-fat dressing on the side and broth-based soups are great appetizer foods because they are nutrient-dense, low in calories and satisfy hunger.

Write your order down before entering the restaurant.

Place your order with the waiter or waitress. Order water instead of soft drinks and juices, which are high in calories and contain no nutrient value. Also, request your server to give you a take-home box along with your meal when the food is served.

Eating Your Meal

Upon receiving your food, divide the dish in half, placing one portion in the box to take home, and leaving the other half on your plate to eat.

As you eat, be aware of your body's hunger signals. You are not obligated to complete the entire serving in front of you. This helps control your calorie intake.

Thai desserts are sweet and typically incorporate fruit. Order a small portion of sticky rice or simply request a bowl of fruit.