25th Birthday Ideas in Miami, Florida

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For some, the 25th birthday is one of the last really exciting birthdays until the "birthday that should not be named." It is a quarter of a century. Such an occasion should be marked with all the passion and excitement the age has to offer, and what better city to celebrate a such an exciting milestone as the glamorous city of Miami?

Rent a Beach House

Miami is not a city without luxury. At 25 the birthday girl may still live with roommates or may still be finishing up school. Remind her what she is working so hard toward with her very own beach house for her birthday weekend. Vacation rental websites list fully furnished Miami beach houses for rent by the night or the week. Rent a posh waterfront house for as little as $70 a night. Split between the birthday girl and few best friends, it makes for an affordable but unforgettable experience.

Swim With the Dolphins

Miami's beautiful weather and ideal location on the ocean are not only attractive to humans but to sea life as well. Reunite the 25-year-old in your life with his inner playful spirit by swimming with the dolphins. Companies like Dolphin World have bases in Miami and guarantee contact with dolphins. Locations along Key Biscayne, just minutes away from Miami, allow the birthday boy to stay close to home and still escape the frantic city pace.

Day Cruise

Miami natives may enjoy a brief getaway from the city for the big 25. Luckily, getting away is as easy as a hop on a boat to Key West. Several cruise lines offer 12- to 15-hour day cruises to Key West from Miami. Try your birthday luck on a casino cruise. Get in touch with nature on a glass-bottom or snorkeling tour cruise. Companies such as Viator list Miami day cruises starting at around $80, which may be a realistic fit into a 25-year-old's budget.

Race Car Lessons

Make a special someone's 25th birthday especially thrilling by taking race car lessons. Miami has a few race tracks that allow curious amateurs to take race cars for a high-speed spin around the block. Locations may be up to 40 miles outside of Miami, however with optional limousine pickup services, companies such as Homestead Miami Speedway are more than happy to make sure birthday boys arrive in style.