25th Anniversary Vow Renewal Ideas

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A 25th anniversary vow-renewal ceremony is a romantic way to celebrate 25 happy years of marriage. It is a feat for any couple to be married for 25 years, so celebrating it by renewing those vows is the perfect way to show family and friends how much you care for each other. Luckily, a vow-renewal ceremony is decidedly less involved than a wedding ceremony, but you can have just as much fun and romance.


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Choosing a theme for your 25th anniversary vow renewal is a great way to incorporate some fun into the party. One way to commemorate the year that you were married is to throw a retro ceremony; choose the decade in which you were married and incorporate food, music and clothing that was popular in that decade. Or, choose a more elegant theme. The traditional gift for a 25th anniversary is silver, so you could do a silver theme with silver decorations, dress and place settings. Choose a theme that reflects you as a couple. Are you fun and easygoing? Or are you more formal and elegant?


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Vow renewals are typically less formal affairs than traditional weddings, so you don't need to do a several course, sit-down dinner. Instead, consider having only cocktails and hors d'oeuvres for food. Or choose something unexpected, like a cupcake bar where guests can choose the icing and decorations for their own cupcakes. Try having simple platters of crudites like vegetables and hummus, fruit and dip placed around the room so guests can mingle while they eat.


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The question of gifts for a vow-renewal ceremony is debatable. Some choose to register for gifts as if they were getting newly married, but it is generally inappropriate for a vow-renewal ceremony. Some request on the invitation "no gifts." It is up to the individual couple to choose an option that they are comfortable with. A good way to solve the problem is to ask that guests contribute to a pet charity in your names in lieu of gifts. Often guests will bring gifts regardless, so all a couple can do is wait and see what happens as far as gifts are concerned on the day of the renewal.