25th Anniversary Gifts for a Wife

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Reaching your 25th wedding anniversary is cause for celebration, given the short lifespan of many present-day marriages. Don't just hit the mall for a last-minute gift for the woman who has stuck with you for more than two decades. To get the perfect 25th anniversary gift for your wife, it's time to think creatively and wow her with a gift that shows how much you know and appreciate her.

Silver-Themed Gifts

Your 25th wedding anniversary is often referred to as your "silver anniversary," which means that silver-themed gifts are a traditional way to celebrate your wife. A piece of silver jewelry, whether it's a new ring, a necklace, a pair of earrings or a bracelet, is an obvious choice. Other options include an engraved silver pen set, an engraved silver dish or a silver piggy bank with a love note inside it.

Travel Ideas

The anniversary gift you choose for your wife doesn't have to be silver. Your 25th anniversary is a suitable time to finally take the trip about which you've dreamed for years. Although you can plan the trip as a surprise for her, another approach is to suggest the idea and plan it together. Then, enjoy some quality time together as you browse Caribbean cruises, look at boutique hotels throughout Europe or fantasize about renting a motor home and trekking across the country.

Homemade Gifts

If your budget is low, perhaps because you have a couple kids in college, you don't need to spend much money to show your wife that you love her. A homemade gift, such as a piece of handmade furniture or a work of art, can hold significance on your anniversary and in the years ahead. Writing her a special note that incorporates some elements of your wedding vows is also ideal. List the reasons you love her, why you love being married and your hopes for the future.

Sentimental Gifts

Any wedding anniversary is an opportunity to feel sentimental, but reaching the 25-year mark provides a chance to look back and pick a gift that pays tribute to a significant moment in your life together. Ideas include a picnic in the spot you proposed, a couple nights at the bed and breakfast you visited on your honeymoon or, if you have children, a vacation as a family to your honeymoon destination.

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