25th Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Marc Debnam/Digital Vision/Getty Images

While both traditional and modern gift idea lists suggest silver for 25th anniversaries, you shouldn't let such lists limit your gift ideas. You can opt to give your husband something that's original, choosing a gift that has particular meaning or significance to him or the both of you. Keep in mind, that when it comes to gift giving, it's OK to think inside or outside the box.

Connecting with the Past

You might want to relive memories you made 25 years ago. If you kept the receipt for the hotel room where you spent your wedding night or your honeymoon, call the hotel and try to book the same room for your private anniversary celebration. Alternatively, if you couldn’t afford a spiffy honeymoon trip 25 years ago, whisk your husband away for a second honeymoon at a location that you'll both enjoy.

Your Story Then and Now

Create a multimedia show for your husband on your 25th anniversary. Since you've shared many experiences over the years, hopefully you've preserved many of those experiences in pictures. Gather the images, choose music that your husband loves and write a narrative about your life together. Perhaps, explain why you would marry him all over again and include your dreams for your future years. Contact a videographer to help put the show together if you don’t have the software or skills to do it yourself. If you have an anniversary party, feature your show to share your memories with your family and friends. Ensure that you have several copies burned in case your kids want a copy, too.

Nontraditional Silver Gifts

You might decide to go with the silver theme, but to give your husband a nontraditional silver gift. For example, if you can afford it, your husband is likely to love a new silver car. If a new car isn't quite in your budget, a handyman husband could appreciate shiny new silver tools for his DIY projects. Or, give your hubs an assortment of silver desk items to bring order to his home office or to replace those at his workplace. Include a silver frame that contains a picture of the two of you and a loving, engraved message.

Symbolic Jewelry

If you want to stay with traditional silver items, jewelry is a good option with a wide range of choices. Replace his watch with a silver one. Or, replace his wedding band with a stylish silver one. If he practices his faith, give him a meaningful religious symbol to wear, carry in his pocket or bookmark a page in his daily spiritual readings.