25th Anniversary Craft Ideas

silver bows image by studio vision1 from Fotolia.com

The 25th wedding anniversary is one of the milestone anniversaries. Known as the silver anniversary, it celebrates a quarter century of marriage. A relationship that is more than two decades long brings with it countless memories and physical reminders of fond moments. Use the substance of the 25 years of marriage to create thoughtful anniversary crafts.

Silver Scrapbook

According to Happy Anniversary, the traditional 25th anniversary gift is silver. Purchase a scrapbook or photo album with a silver or silver-plated cover. Many retailers offer silver-colored, engraveable albums. If silver is too expensive, consider a-silver colored cover or a cover with silver lettering. Select a scrapbook with acid-free pages. Devote one page to each year of marriage. Use photo corners to attach a photograph on each page for the corresponding year. Place mementos from that year’s events such as ticket stubs and receipts around each photograph using craft glue. Reinforce the silver theme by writing a message on the inside cover using silver-colored ink.

Silver Frame Shadowbox

Shadowboxes are basically deep photo frames that are used to display three-dimensional items. For a 25th wedding anniversary craft project, create a shadowbox using a silver-colored frame. Many retailers also offer pre-assembled shadowboxes. Shadowboxes commemorating a wedding anniversary contain mementos from the 25 years of marriage. Use items of different textures and sizes such as the original wedding invitation, a pearl from the wedding gown or a key from your first home together. Mount the items inside of the shadow box using craft glue or nails. For more delicate items, use photo corners or sew loops to secure the items to the shadowbox.

Gift Basket

Create a gift basket full of 25 gifts as a 25th anniversary present. Purchase a basket and spray paint it silver to acknowledge the silver theme. According to Teleflora, the iris is the traditional flower gift for the 25th wedding anniversary. Instead of raffia or straw, use iris petals to line the bottom of the basket. The gifts in the basket can range from extravagant items like expensive jewelry to thoughtful token gifts like your spouse’s favorite potato chips. Tie a silver or purple bow around the basket.