How to Treat Blemishes & Red Spots

by Brenda Barron ; Updated July 18, 2017

Blemishes or other red spots on your skin can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Depending on their severity, these skin eruptions can even leave scars. Fortunately, good skin care and the right treatments can have your problem complexion looking fresh and healthy.

Wash your face with an over-the-counter cleanser. A gentle formulation will do to remove dirt, oil and makeup.

Apply a spot treatment to your blemishes. Benzoyl peroxide is the main ingredient in most over-the-counter treatments. Dab on the cream and work it into your skin. Apply this once a day after cleansing, preferably right before going to bed.

Apply an oil-free moisturizer. This will restore hydration and keep your skin's texture soft and supple. Letting your skin get too dry can aggravate blemishes and make red spots more noticeable.

Use a topical retinoid on your skin. Available by prescription, retinoid cream works by unclogging pores and encouraging pigmentation disruptions to fade. Apply this cream once per day all over your face after you've completed treating your acne with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid creams.

Apply sunscreen before going outside. Use an oil-free formula and apply generously. SPF 15 is the minimum required for adequate protection. Many acne medications make the skin sensitive to the sun, so protecting yourself will prevent sun damage.

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