How to Get Rid of Birthmarks

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There are many types of birthmarks, and they come in a range of different colors. Most birthmarks are caused by an increased number of blood vessels at the site of the mark. Although the cause of birthmarks is unknown, they are not harmful or dangerous. However, they can be unsightly, particularly when large or present on the face. Some birthmarks are raised above the skin, adding to their unpleasant appearance. There are several techniques you can use to help remove or at least lighten the appearance of birthmarks.

Apply a vitamin E cream to the birthmark daily. The cream can be mixed with orange oil, which may increase its effectiveness.

Use lemon juice on your birthmark regularly, which has natural bleaching qualities.

Massage your birthmark with olive oil. This can help improve circulation and lighten the mark.

Visit a dermatologist and get a prescription for a corticosteroid. This type of medication can help fade or shrink your birthmark.

Ask your dermatologist to perform laser therapy on your birthmark. Several treatments of laser therapy can significantly fade a birthmark and in some cases remove it completely.