Facial Exercises for Smile Lines

beautiful woman face image by Kurhan from Fotolia.com

Facial exercise can serve as a nonsurgical face-lift, states WorldWideHealth.com, undermining the formation of smile lines which have acclimated through a lifetime of expressions. Exercising the face engages both the skin and underlying muscles, increasing blood flow to both regions. The result is improved skin tone and elasticity, as well as reduction in visible lines, provided you maintain your face fitness regimen, notes the website.


Resistance exercises can reduce crow's feet, the lines near the outer corner of the eyes, states askwomennet.com. When the skin around the eyes is more toned and firm, existing lines become less prominent and the skin is less prone to developing new lines. Try smiling into a mirror, placing your index fingers near the outer corner of your eyes, and pressing gently upward, to lift the cheek. Hold for six seconds, then release.


Pucker up and smile to tone the area around the lips and lower cheeks, recommends FatFreeKitchen.com. By reducing smile lines around the mouth, you may be more inclined to share your pearly whites. Purse the lips as dramatically as possible, pulling in the cheeks, then try to smile. Hold the pose until you feel a mild ache in the muscle region around the mouth. To prevent muscle strain, do this exercise just once daily.


Tone your cheek muscles while acting silly to stay motivated to maintain the workout, suggests Womens-Health-and-Fitness.com. Grin a huge smile while keeping your lips closed, making sure the edges of your mouth turn upwards. Try to touch your ears with the corners of your mouth. Wrinkle your nose like a bunny rabbit, to feel your cheek muscles engage. Hold for five seconds, then let your face relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times.