How to Get Rid of Tan Naturally

Whether it is an obvious farmer's tan, or a tanning-bed-gone-wrong situation, diminishing the skin tone variations associated with tanning is very simple, but may take some time. The long summer days provide many hours of intense sunlight for you to enjoy making memories with friends and family, or simply to indulge in the delight of a warm afternoon. This daily exposure to the sun's UVA and UVB rays create a reaction with the melatonin of the skin, darkening the skin tone on the areas most exposed to the sunlight. You can get rid of a dark tan over time.

Avoid extensive exposure to direct sunlight from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. These hours provide the most intense sun exposure and can cause extensive reactions to skin color and adverse overall skin health. Enjoy the sunshine in the morning for a walk, or in the evening when the intensity is lower, suggests staff with

Apply sunscreen of SPF 35 or more to your face, neck, arms and legs, or any area where you want the tan to be eliminated, and that which may be exposed to sunlight, recommends staff with Even cloud cover does not protect against the sun's powerful touch, so protect your skin from further tanning by using adequate sunscreen.

Wear clothing that covers and protects the darker skin you want to return to normal skin tone. The harsh rays of the sun have a difficult time piercing the layers of cotton or polyester that cover the body. When you are out and about, wear proper clothing to prevent further exposure.

Scrub and exfoliate your skin in the shower every other day. This will remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover to create new skin to be seen, explain staff with Use gentle exfoliating creams in combination with a loofah sponge or natural bristle body brush to adequately scrub the skin.