1970's Hair Styles & Outfit Ideas

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The 1970's fashion and hairstyles were fun, daring and created an energetic air for the decade. If you're hitting a costume party consider 1970's hair styles and outfit ideas. There are some design and style elements you can use so people will recognize the '70's influence in your outfit and hairstyle.

Outfits for Women

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Go all out with the key trends of the '70s. Wear suede, denim and polyester fabrics in bold colors and earth-toned neutrals. Bell bottoms were very popular, especially for casual day wear. Women wore bright, feminine blouses tucked in with a belt to highlight the waist. Wear a tight, short dress or something loose and long. polyester dresses were body conscious and often sported large floral prints in citrus colors. Cotton and gauze dresses were long and often off-the-shoulder. Sport wooden platform shoes to finish off this outfit, along with accessories like bangle bracelets and extra large sunglasses.

Outfits for Men

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Wear a wide collar and deep V-neckline or a fitted button-up shirt. Select bell bottom pants with a high waistline in a poly blend or denim look. Create a costume with a 1970's flair, by mixing odd colors together. Sport earth-toned neutrals anchored by colors like avacado green, marigold, and rustic orange. Leisure suits were also popular, so hit a local thrift store or an online vintage shop to track down a suit in a large plaid print or neutral like slate or chocolate. Add stark white shoes to complete this '70's fashion look.


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Style your hair long or big to capture the hairstyles of 1970s. For women and men, long hair was especially popular. Feathered haircuts were also worn by men and women. Part your hair down the center for added effect. The Afro was also popular for men and women. Women can play up an Afro with a large, bright headscarf or huge earrings. For a costume party buy an Afro wig, they can usually be found in a variety of colors.

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