How to Grow Out Chemically Treated Hair

Larry Williams/Blend Images/Getty Images

Chemically treated hair has been altered through chemical procedures including perms, coloring and relaxers. Because these things alter hair permanently, you must grow your hair out to completely remove the effects. Although you can color your hair back to its original hue, fading may occur, which will result in a two-toned appearance. The best way to restore hair back to virgin condition is to grow it out.

Perms and Relaxers

Stop perming or relaxing, and get a good hair cut that will remove a great deal of the chemically treated ends. Choose a new style that incorporates a lot of layers to remove more hair without removing length.

Style permed hair by applying root booster directly to the base of your hair and drying the hair straight out from your head. Curl straight portions or straighten curly portions to even out the texture of your hair.

Trim at least 1 inch from hair every six to eight weeks to gradually remove chemically treated portions of hair.


Stop coloring your hair and change your hairstyle. Remove several inches from your hair and add layers to remove the colored portions of hair if possible.

Shampoo and condition hair with color-enhanced shampoo and conditioner matched to your natural hair color. Use color-enhanced shampoos and conditioners to prevent color fade and even out the hair color while your hair is growing out.

Remove a healthy portion of hair every six to eight weeks during your regular trim.