What Are the Benefits of Wheat Germ Capsules?

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wheat germ is a part of the wheat kernel that has many benefits for the body. Wheat germ can be found in its natural form or in capsule form that can be found in health food stores. Wheat germ has a variety of nutrients that can benefit the body from healthy hair growth to fertility.

Weight Loss

Wheat germ capsules can be taken to aid in weight loss, according to How Stuff Works. Wheat germ contains a variety of vitamins, including vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-5. The vitamin B-6 in wheat germ will help aid in boosting metabolism. This boost in metabolism helps the body to burn more calories and lose weight. The vitamin B-5, found in wheat germ helps to boosts energy production that can also aid in more burned calories for weight loss.

Healthy Hair

Wheat germ can also help in achieving healthy hair. It contains thiamin, which is beneficial for aiding in strong bones, healthy skin and hair, according to the Health Mad website.

Aid in Digestive Health

Wheat germ can aid in regulating the digestive system and keeping it healthy. Wheat germ contains a good amount of fiber. The fiber in the wheat germ will help in the elimination processes of the body and will regulate bowel movements, according to Health Mad. It will also help in clearing out toxins and bacteria from the digestive system.


Wheat germ can also aid in increasing fertility, according to Moms Like Me. Wheat germ contains vitamin E, zinc and selenium, which all aid in the fertility processes. The zinc and selenium will help open the fallopian tubes of the woman and the sperm ducts of the man. This allows for the sperm to travel to the egg easier. Vitamin E aids in keeping the reproductive organs functioning and can even help some men with impotence.