How to Get My Feet Warm

Delpixart/iStock/Getty Images

The feet are the furthest extremities from the heart, so it can sometimes be difficult to keep them warm throughout the day -- especially during the colder months of the year. Cold feet can be uncomfortable, but there are several ways to help keep them warm.

Take a warm bath with enough water to submerge your feet entirely. Stay in the bath for as long as the water is at a comfortable temperature. Dry your feet thoroughly when you get out, and put on a thick pair of socks and slippers to keep your feet from getting cold again.

Wrap your feet tightly in a thick and heavy blanket, making sure that no air can touch the skin of your feet. The blanket will insulate your feet, trapping your body heat and acting as a natural heater. By wrapping your feet tightly, you ensure that the colder air outside the blanket is unable to affect your feet.

Place a heating element such as a heating pad, electric blanket or hot-water bottle over your feet. Always follow safety precautions such as not leaving heating elements that are plugged in unattended.

Place chemical warmers in your socks. When you open a chemical warmer package, you expose the internal ingredients to air, causing a chemical reaction. These ingredients include water, iron powder, salt, vermiculite and activated charcoal, which all react together to create heat and insulate the product, which allows the heat to sustain for hours at a time. Several warmers may be needed in each sock to keep the feet at a comfortable temperature.

See your doctor if you experience chronically cold feet as this may be the result of a blood vessel or circulation problem. For example, chronically cold feet are a common complication of diabetes, states the American Diabetes Association.