Are There Anti-Aging Herbs for Age Spots?

Age spots, also known as liver spots or solar lentigines, appear on aging skin. They are especially prevalent on people who have a light complexion and those who have had lots of sun exposure over the years. Age spots typically are found on areas where sun exposure was the greatest, such as the face, arms and shoulders. The spots are nothing more than excess pigment in the skin cells and are usually harmless skin blemishes that pose no danger. For cosmetic purposes, you may wish to lighten age spots so they are not as visible. Your doctor should examine any skin spot that is suspicious and rule out skin cancer before you begin any treatment.


Lemon has long been known for its skin-bleaching properties. Blend two or three drops of lemon essential oil with a light carrier oil, such as almond oil, and apply to age spots twice daily. According to Natural Health Remedies for You, the spots should fade and become less noticeable within two weeks.


Mulberry extract is derived from the roots of various species of mulberry. The extract inhibits the pigment-causing enzyme, tyrosinase. Mulberry extract is mild, and rarely causes skin irritation. MD suggests applying mulberry extract to the affected area in a carrier oil or cream.


Also called arbutin, bearberry extract is obtained from bearberry, Uva ursi, plants. It impedes tyrosinase activity, preventing new pigmentation spots from forming and helping to fade existing spots. As noted at, arbutin molecules are very similar to hydroquinone, but arbutin is much safer to use. Hydroquinone, a skin-bleaching agent, can cause skin irritation, may increase dark patches in the skin and may cause cell mutations.


Licorice extract contains glabridin, which prevents tyrosinase activity and whitens skin. Glabridin is not toxic to the melanin-forming cells, so it is mild and works without causing skin irritation side effects. Licorice also is anti-inflammatory, and it can be used as a soothing agent. Natural Health Remedies for You suggests using a face mask or cream with licorice extract as an ingredient.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera juice or gel has skin healing properties. Apply it to age spots to promote skin renewal and fade the spots. Natural Health Remedies for You recommends using aloe vera twice a day, and you should see results in four to eight weeks.

Gotu Kola

When ingested, gotu kola improves collagen production and skin cell growth. MD recommends taking a 60 mg gotu kola capsule two times daily. Gotu kola rejuvenates the skin by encouraging healthy skin cells to replace age spots.