Can Bee Pollen Benefit the Skin?

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Bee pollen is just one of many supplements on the market that can be taken to improve your health and vitality. Although not substantiated by the FDA, bee pollen has been said to improve digestion, increase libido, eliminate depression and regulate metabolism. It might also have positive effects on the skin. You can take bee pollen in pill form or use it in a salve for your skin. There are some risks of stomach irritation, laxative effect and in extreme cases anaphylactic shock due to allergic reaction, according to, so consult your doctor before using bee pollen.

Anti-Aging Effects

Bee pollen contains an extremely high amount of antioxidants that prevent free radicals from stress, pollutants, chemicals in your environment and radiation from the sun from causing lasting damage to your skin. You can gain these benefits by taking the pollen through internal digestion or by a salve applied to the skin topically.

Treats and Prevents Acne

According to Dr. M. Esperrois of the French Institute of Chemistry, bee pollen has a natural antibiotic effect that suppresses acne. It also contains high concentrations of nucleic acids, the building blocks of RNA and DNA. The acids help rejuvenate acne-damaged skin by reducing inflammation and increasing cell growth and turnover. These benefits can be best gained by using a topical salve.

Helps Heal Sores and Wounds

The application of raw honey to sores and open wounds may speed healing because of its antibiotic properties. In a study published by the British Journal of Surgery, raw honey with pollen included was shown to help close wounds with its acidic drying power and bacteria-killing ingredient called inhibine, on 58 antibiotic-resistant wound patients. Raw honey was applied to the wound topically in this case.