My Hair Is Fine, Dry, Brittle & Color Processed: How Can I Deep Condition It?

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If your hair is starting to resemble a bundle of scarecrow locks, it’s a sign that you have over processed it with styling products, heat or hair coloring. Dry, brittle strands that lack luster and shine do nothing to enhance a polished appearance, no matter how well they are cut and styled. While frizzed-out locks won’t come back to life overnight, a deep-conditioning treatment is just what the doctor ordered to restore your ailing follicles to vitality.

Comb your hair gently with a wide-tooth comb to remove all tangles, and then dampen it well with warm water.

Scoop out a quarter-sized amount of a deep-conditioning hair mask, and spread it over your hair from the roots to the tips. Opt for a deep-conditioning hair mask containing stearyl or cetyl alcohol, according to "Good Housekeeping."

Comb the product gently through your hair with the wide-tooth comb to dispense the conditioning mask evenly.

Twist your hair into a bun and secure it using hair clips.

Wait for 30 minutes to allow the mask to thoroughly penetrate deep into the hair strands. For an even more intense moisturizing treatment, leave the product on for two to three hours.

Remove the hair clips and apply a quarter-sized amount of moisturizing shampoo to your scalp. Massage the shampoo over your scalp and through to the ends of your hair.

Rinse your hair thoroughly using cool water.

Apply a quarter-sized amount of moisturizing conditioner to all of your hair, and rinse it out thoroughly using cold water. Look for a conditioner that contains silicone, amino acids, provitamins mineral oil or petrolatum. These ingredients will help to smooth, strengthen and moisturize your strands, according to "Good Housekeeping."

Wrap your wet hair in a microfiber towel, and leave it for five minutes to absorb most of the excess moisture from your hair. Do not rub your hair with the towel, as this roughens up the hair strands, causing a frizzy appearance.