Making Glycerin Soap From Scratch

by Tricia Ross ; Updated July 18, 2017

Homemade soap.

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While mass-produced glycerin soap is easy to purchase, it lacks quite a bit in the charm department. Not only are commercial soaps square and boring, they often contain extra ingredients you can't pronounce, and the options for scent and color are limited. Making your own glycerin soap at home allows you to control what goes into it as well as customizing its shape, color and scent. The process is similar to making candy, although you shouldn't eat your homemade soap no matter how good it looks.

Purchase glycerin base from craft and hobby stores, candle shops or health food stores. Place the base in a high-walled pot or double boiler, and slowly melt it until it reaches 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stir in drops of food coloring or cosmetic coloring if you want tinted soap. Stir in 1 tbsp. of scented essential oil if you would like your soap to be fragrant. Remove the pot from the heat.

Prepare a spray bottle with high-proof alcohol such as vodka. Rubbing alcohol may be used, although its lower alcohol content makes it less effective.

Carefully pour the melted glycerin base into your molds. Pour slowly to reduce the creation of air bubbles.

Spray the freshly poured soap with the alcohol to break up and eliminate any bubbles that have formed.

Let the soaps cool completely. When firm, pop them out of the molds.


  • Add texture with finely crushed almond shells, oatmeal or poppy seeds.

    For quick, basic soap bars, pour the melted base into a loaf pan. When cool, pop the soap out and slice into bars.

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