Vegetarian Meals While Camping

vikif/iStock/Getty Images

Camping doesn't give you the freedom of preparation you might have in your kitchen. It is possible, however, to go on an excursion and bring along vegetarian options that can be cooked alongside the meals of the meat-eating members of the group, are easy to prepare and give you all the nutrients you need to have enough energy to want to come back for more.

Complete Meals On The Go

For a healthy meal, combine your favorite veggies, beans, and sweet potatoes that have been prepared and cut into cubes. This provides plenty of fiber and vitamins with the vegetables, up to 10 grams of protein with the beans, and over 300 percent of your vitamin A in the sweet potatoes along with much needed carbohydrates. Stick with this combination and add cheese occasionally for extra calcium. Wrap your ingredients in tin foil with olive oil and seasonings. Transport becomes easy and it cooks right on the coals. Trail mix is good for a quick snack. A handful of almonds provides 3 grams of protein and about 5 grams of fat, which is energy needed during hikes.