Tips for Men on Shaving the Legs

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Whether a swimmer, biker or competitive bodybuilder, your quest for competition and need for speed may make it necessary for you to shave your legs at some point in your athletic career. Shaving legs is much different than shaving faces, so it is good to learn a few tricks to make it easier.

Shaving Tips for Shaving Time

The first time you shave -- or when it has been awhile since your last bout with a razor -- go over your legs with electric clippers before shaving with a razor. Always use a sharp blade and shaving gel to avoid nicks, and never use soap as a substitute for shaving cream. When you first start shaving, do it while soaking in the tub. This may seem girlie, but shaving in the shower requires an excellent, flamingo-like sense of balance and is almost impossible to do if you need strong prescription glasses to see your own toes. Take it slow around your ankles, kneecaps, shin bones and the backs of your knees. It is very easy to cut these areas. After shaving, pat your legs dry with a clean towel, then moisturize them while they are still damp. Finally, clean out the bathtub when you are done -- no one else in your family wants to shower with the wookies formerly known as your leg hair. And remember that while shaving is time consuming, it is faster and easier if you stay on top of it and shave at least twice a week.