Face Creams with Vitamins

Marili Forastieri/Photodisc/Getty Images

Whether you’re shopping at the drugstore or department store, you’ll find plenty of face creams promoting the benefits of vitamins. Feeding the skin from the inside by eating a healthy diet is important for a healthy complexion. Sometimes the right foods alone aren’t enough, and your skin needs an extra boost from vitamins applied directly in your face cream.

Fight the Signs of Aging

Search for an anti-wrinkle cream, and you’ll spot many vitamins on the labels. Look for retinol or tretinoin in the ingredients, and you’ll be using vitamin A to reduce wrinkles and soften rough patches. Look for vitamin C to fight age-related thinning of the skin, and vitamin B-3, sometimes listed as niacinamide, to boost collagen.

Heal and Calm

The power of vitamins can be harnessed in the fight against several types of skin discoloration. Fade brown spots caused by age or sun exposure with creams containing vitamins A, C and B-3. Vitamin B-3 can also calm redness associated with rosacea. Banish under-eye circles with creams containing vitamin K, which can help stop blood leaking from capillaries -- the cause of some dark circles.

Protect From Damage

Facial skin is exposed to the elements every day and takes a battering from sunlight and pollution. Protect your skin from these environmental hazards with a cream containing vitamins C and E, which are known for their antioxidant powers. Vitamin E can also act as a natural sunscreen, a property that is more potent when vitamin E is combined with vitamin C.