Top Anti-Wrinkle Face Creams

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Over the years, your facial skin may lose its natural firmness and tone and begin to take on a wrinkled appearance. Some of the most effective anti-wrinkle facial products available in over-the-counter form may improve your skin's tone. Many anti-aging treatments are labeled with exaggerated claims, but some face creams have been evaluated and approved by cosmetics experts who can vouch for their efficacy.

Skin Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover Cell2Cell Cellular Nutrient Serum

The Cell2Cell serum is formulated by a dermatologist and was rated as one of the top budget-friendly anti-wrinkle products by Real Simple magazine's beauty editors. The editors say it's ideal for normal to oily skin. Reviewers noted that it absorbed quickly and softened the appearance of fine wrinkles. This is likely due to its retinol content--retinol is a highly effective anti-wrinkle chemical, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center--and antioxidants like vitamin C, which help reduce the wrinkle-causing damage created by free radicals.

MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream

MAC Cosmetics' anti-aging cream earned top reviews from cosmetics expert Paula Begoun, who said it was one of the best moisturizers on the market. It contains various herbal extracts and antioxidants to help recondition the skin and prevent damage like skin discolorations and wrinkles. MAC also includes light-reflecting particles for an instantly brighter, more even complexion.

Neutrogena Anti-Oxidant Age Reverse Night Cream

Neutrogena's anti-wrinkle cream ranked as one of the top night creams for dry to normal skin, according to Real Simple's editors. The reviewers liked its moisturizing benefits, and the magazine notes that herbal extracts and soy protein can help reduce the severity of fine lines on your skin's surface. It's part of the wider Age Reverse product line, which includes other wrinkle-preventing products like an antioxidant sunscreen.

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Mature Skin Therapy

The extra concentrated version of Olay's Total Effects skin cream was named one of the best anti-aging treatments from a drugstore by Begoun. It includes peptides, nacinamide and other anti-wrinkle ingredients to firm and plump up your skin. Meanwhile, silicone helps to hydrate your skin while filling in wrinkles for an instantly smoother appearance.