14 Easy Beauty Tutorials for Any Valentine's Day Occasion

by Natalie Way ; Updated September 28, 2017

With the most romantic day of the year right around the corner, you're probably starting to consider details like where to make dinner plans, what gift to give your S.O. and which outfit to wear. Wherever your night takes you on February 14, consider these simple DIY beauty tutorials to pump up and polish off your Valentine's Day look.

For a Date Night Out

1. Create the Perfect Hairstyle

There's no need to spend hours at the hair salon when you can recreate one of these hairstyles in minutes. For a super elegant look, try pulling your hair into a chic twisted style.

2. Wear a Bold Lip Color

Learn how to apply a smudge-free lip color in a punchy shade like red, orange, or fuchsia. Your lipstick is guaranteed to stay in place all night (or until you start smooching your Valentine!).

3. Spritz Some Perfume

An intoxicating scent will catch the attention of your significant other and make you feel extra fancy. Try choosing one that's non-toxic and free of synthetic ingredients.

For a Date Night In

1. Make a Rhinestone Hair Comb

Pull your hair back into a simple half-up style with this DIY rhinestone-encrusted hair comb. Click the link for a tutorial for how to make the comb and create a 5-minute hairstyle to go with it.

2. Enhance Your Lips

With these ingenious tricks your lips will look luscious and fuller. The idea is to round out their natural shape making them look oh-so-kissable.

3. Apply Contour Makeup

Your cheekbones will be defined, angles enhanced, and face looking fresh after trying out this tutorial for contouring. And the best part: you'll only need three tools from your makeup bag.

4. Give Yourself a Sophisticated Manicure

For an understated take on elaborate nail art, try your hand (pun intended!) at a DIY geometric manicure. This modern take on the French manicure can be recreated with white and nude nail polish, or any combination you want.

For Galentine's Day

1. Do a Half Crown Braid

This style works best with medium to long hairstyles, but I have tried it on my slightly longer than shoulder-length hair and it holds just as well. Complement these boho braids with beach waves or leave your naturally wavy hair as is.

2. Put on the Perfect Cat Eye

Don't spend the better part of your evening struggling to get the perfect winged liner. Here, we share our simple tricks for achieving this romantic retro look the easy way.

3. Give Yourself a Festive Manicure

As cliche as hearts and shades of red are, why not embrace them in a manicure by pairing them with geometric design touches. Go with a traditional red and white color scheme, or choose your favorite pink polish.

For a Netflix Marathon

1. Apply a Face Mask

Some of the most effective beauty remedies can be found right in your own pantry. Whether you're looking to moisturize, brighten or reduce inflammation, check out these three face mask recipes that can be made in a flash.

2. Make a Hair Mask

Treat your dry locks to the amazing benefits of avocados. Just add two other key ingredients and you'll have an all-natural hair mask. When applied to damp hair, this mask will lock in moisture making it soft and shiny.

3. Make a Natural Lip Plumper

This safe and easy alternative to needles and creams can be made in minutes and layered under your favorite lip balm. If that isn't awesome enough, the ingredients also act as a great lip exfoliant!

4. Mix Up a Wild Orange Body Scrub

Before you start your TV marathon, make a batch of wild orange body scrub, light some candles, and exfoliate your dry skin away. The aromatherapy by way of the sweet orange essential oil will make for a relaxing and refreshing night.

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