Eyebrow Grooming Tips for Men

While eyebrow grooming and shaping is more commonly associated with females, men often do what they can to maintain eyebrows that are sharp and appealing. Men's and women's grooming styles differ based on the desired aesthetic. Men require more substantial eyebrows to maintain a natural look, but should avoid uneven or extra-bushy brows. It may take a little trial and error before you master eyebrow grooming, but ultimately, a few grooming tips will make the process easier.

Comb Then Trim

Trim longer hairs slightly to eliminate a bushy look. Do not remove hairs based on sight. Comb your eyebrows upward so you can see which ones are the longest. Use an eyelash comb, or rub your eyebrows upward so they run in the same direction. Identify the longest hairs, then use a small pair of scissors to trim them.

Pluck Sparingly

Don't pluck your eyebrow hairs too much, if at all. Focus only on the stray hairs. Overplucking can create a strange appearance, and it can take weeks for your hairs to grow back from tweezing. Take a break between pluckings to step back and evaluate your brows from a fresh perspective. Pluck hairs above your eyebrows only if they are a very visible distraction.

The Dreaded Unibrow

Thick eyebrows may result in a unibrow, that unattractive bridge of hair growing from one eyebrow to the other. A professional waxing can eliminate this hair and prevent new hair from growing for weeks. Allow a stylist or waxing specialist to wax the hair growing above and below the bulk of your eyebrows. Be sure to stress that you want a cleaned-up but not overly manicured brow.