Facial Massage Methods

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The Medical News Today website reports that by applying massage techniques to yourself, you can relieve stress, relax, reduce anxiety and pamper yourself without paying a massage therapist. Self-massage is called Dao yin, part of the qi gong branch of Chinese healing methods. Facial massage techniques can help to relieve tension headaches and other facial pain as well as boost the immune system. To avoid spreading bacteria and dirt, clean your face and hands prior to rubbing your fingers and hands over your face.

Palm Eyes

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Palming the eyes is a form of facial massage that does not require any rubbing. It is similar to reiki and other energy work massage methods. The treatment is a useful tool for those who prefer not to stretch the sensitive face on the skin, which can cause wrinkles. To palm the eyes, rub both hands together to work up some heat. Rest the palms of both hands over your open eyes. Hold them there for about 30 seconds.

Wash Face

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You can pull all the tension out of your face and head with a massage technique called wash face. Again vigorously rub the palms of your hands together to generate some heat. Then place both palms on your forehead and press them gently into the face. Slide the hands down the face until your fingertips touch the end of your chin. Circle your hands around the outside edges of your face as if you are washing it and your palms end up on your forehead once again. Repeat two or three times for ultimate relaxation.


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Stimulate your face with more vigorous massage movements meant to increase circulation. Stimulation massage methods can help to revive tired skin, help to maintain clear healthy skin by increasing blood flow and energize you for a couple of hours. With your hand in a loose fist, use the back of your hand to roll the knuckles over your face. Start near the bottom of your chin and work your way up your cheeks to your temples and forehead. Stimulate the sensitive skin around the eyes by gently squeezing your eyebrows with your thumbs and index fingers. Start at the center of your eyebrows and work out.


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Start making strokes on your forehead with your hands flattened out in front of your face and fingers held closely together. Rub your right hand from the left side of your forehead across to the right. Use your left hand to reverse the process, moving your head gently back and forth while stroking. Repeat 10 times on each side, then move your hands down and repeat the process over your mouth. Then make two fists and place your thumbs on either side of your eyes. Draw your knuckles over your brows, letting your thumbs anchor your hands. Make 10 strokes. Make the stroking massage moves smoother by applying massage oil lightly to your hands.

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