Zap-it Acne Treatment

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Zap-it is a skin care system of products manufactured by Melaleuca Inc., a company that produces household products, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. In 2009, "Inc." magazine indoctrinated Melaleuca an "Inc. 500 World of Fame" company. It has won awards for providing a healthy workplace and for environmental excellence. Zap-it is a line of acne-fighting products containing the main ingredients salicylic acid and melaleuca oil.

Product Line

Melaleuca Zap It! line consists of eight separate products. Zap-it Acne Defense System Pack is a four-step cleansing system. Zap-it Acne Treatment Cream is a skin rinse with salicylic acid. Zap-it Quick Stick Acne Spot Treatment is a spot-on salicylic acid treatment. Zap-it Deep-Cleaning astringent acne Medication cleans pores. Zap-it Facial Wash Acne Cleanser removes blackheads, dirt and makeup. Zap-it Facial Wash Acne Cleanser is a two-pack system that cleanses and exfoliates. Zap-it Quick Stick Acne Spot Treatment is also a travel-size, two-pack cleansing and spot-on treatment. Finally, Zap-it Acne Treatment Cream two-pack system is a treatment cream.

About Zap-it Product Line

There are four different products in the Zap-it line. You can purchase the entire system, Zap-it Acne Defense System Pack, or buy each product separately. Melaleuca also sells travel sizes of products.


Zap-it Facial Wash is the first step in the system. It cleanses the skin, washing away dirt, oil and makeup. Step two is the Deep Cleaning Astringent. Containing salicylic acid, the astringent clears pores, removes dirt and oil residue from the surface of the skin, and helps prevent acne from forming. The third step uses the Pore Clarifying Cream. Melaleuca indicates that this product is long-lasting, keeps oil from clogging pores and medicates the skin. Step four is the Quick Stick, which is a spot-on salicylic acid treatment.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is the active ingredient in the Zap-it acne defense system because it is one of the best acne-fighting medications on the market. It’s available over the counter and is in a variety of products that anyone can purchase., a popular acne-information website, reports that salicylic acid slows the cells inside the hair follicle from shedding and eventually clogging pores, which leads to lesions. Salicylic acid also fights blackheads and whiteheads and prevents acne from forming.

Melaleuca Oil

Also called tea tree oil, melaleuca oil is another active ingredient in the Zap-it system. MedlinePlus reports that the oil may have antiseptic properties. It has traditionally been used to fight infections. In a 1990 study published in the "Medical Journal of Australia," researchers found that tea tree oil worked as well as benzoyl peroxide in improving acne breakouts.