Waxing Underarms Tips

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When it comes to your underarms, the smoother the better. Shaving is easy, but dark stubble soon reappears. Laser hair removal gives permanent results but is very expensive. Somewhere between the two lies waxing. Whether done at home or in a salon, waxing your underarms leaves you smooth and stubble-free for up to a month, and home kits are inexpensive. Choose a hard wax kit rather than the soft, strip wax popular in the paste. Hard wax is easier on your skin and doesn't require the use of muslin strips to remove the hair.

Skip your deodorant and body lotion prior to waxing. If you've already applied them, wash your armpits before waxing.

Take a recommended dosage of OTC pain reliever an hour before waxing. This will help relieve pain and reduce inflammation after the treatment.

Warm the wax as directed on the package. Most can be microwaved to a comfortably warm -- not hot -- temperature.

Use the kit spatula to smooth warm wax onto a 1-inch-wide area of your armpit. Press the wax firmly against the hair to coat each strand.

Let the wax set, which usually takes a minute or less with hard wax. When the surface dulls slightly, grasp the edge of the wax strip and pull firmly and quickly in the direction of hair growth.

Apply another section of wax to the next area of hair growth. Let the wax set, then pull away quickly as outlined in Step 5.

Continue to apply and remove wax until both of your armpits are hair-free.

Soothe your armpits with a light coating of OTC cortisone cream to reduce pain and swelling.