How Healthy Is Trump's First Lunch as President?

by Hillary Eaton ; Updated January 19, 2017

Presidents are people too. They have favorite restaurants, specific late-night cravings and preferred pints of ice cream for drowning their sorrows. Barack Obama preferred to snack on some healthy almonds when he was feeling peckish. So how about our new commander in chief?

According to NPR reporter Susan Davis, President Trump will be kicking off his term with a lunch that may give us some insight into his eating habits. The inaugural lunch is a tradition dating back to 1953 and has featured everything from lobster pie to cold chicken salad. So how healthy are the new president’s picks?

The celebratory lunch will kick off with a relatively healthy lobster and shrimp dish with saffron sauce and peanut butter. While lobster is a great source of lean protein, vitamins and minerals, it also happens to pack a staggering 71 percent of your daily amount of cholesterol in a one-cup serving. So it’s a good thing our country’s leaders will be having this lobster dish as a starter and keeping the portion small.

It’s the second course that’s more obviously unhealthy. For the main dish, Trump has selected a grilled black Angus steak with a rich chocolate and juniper jus alongside a carb- and dairy-packed potatoes au gratin. It’s on the heavy side for lunch and, depending on the cut, steak can be very high in calories and fat — even though it is a good source of protein. So here’s to hoping it’s a lean cut. And the potatoes au gratin? Besides being jam-packed with fat from cheese and butter, a small single serving runs upward of 330 calories — nearly 14 percent of the recommended daily calorie intake.

To cap off the meal, the president will indulge in a chocolate souffle with cherry-vanilla ice cream. Crammed with sugar and dairy, a chocolate souffle and scoop of ice cream has nearly 30 grams of fat, which is half of the daily allowance packed into one innocent-looking (but delicious) dessert.

Food aside, the unhealthiest part of the entire meal may be the three glasses of wine Trump has selected to accompany the inaugural lunch. The average glass of wine runs about 123 calories, bringing the three glasses to a total of 369 empty calories that turn into sugar. But if there ever was a time to get a good midday diet-busting buzz going, celebrating being sworn is as the president of the United States is about as good a reason as we’ve yet heard.

So how healthy is Trump’s first meal as president overall? Not very. And if this is any indicator of the president’s meals to come, Trump may want to have a sit-down with a nutritionist to take a good, hard look at what he’s consuming.

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