Snickers Protein Bar Is About to Answer Your Chocolatey Dreams

by Hillary Eaton ; Updated November 07, 2016

If you love chocolate but also love to take care of yourself, you know that the struggle is extremely real. But thanks to a new protein bar by Mars, you may be able to have your chocolate and your protein too.

Enter the Snickers and Mars protein bars, two of the newest additions to the Mars family. With 18 grams of whey protein in each Snickers protein bar and 19 grams of protein in each Mars bar, chowing down on one of these new protein bars might be just the way to recover after a workout. In fact, each bar gives you roughly the same amount of protein as eating two poached eggs — but it’s more like a dessert.

The protein bar is essentially the same as the regular Snickers bar, but the nougat is infused with whey protein, making it the winner for tastiest protein bar ever. And not only are these candy-protein hybrids delicious, they also surprisingly come in at under 200 calories per bar.

According to Confectionary News, Mars wanted to create a Snickers and Mars protein bar to address the mainstream desire for more protein intake. Perhaps this indicates a market that candy companies will be exploring more in the future. Protein-packed Skittles? Yes, please!

But while this bar does pack an ample punch of protein and is lighter on the calories, there are definitely some unhealthy aspects — like that whole “chocolate and caramel” thing.

Whether or not you’re down to get your protein fix from a Snickers bar, there is some bad news that we need to break. For the time being, these bars will only be available via Amazon in the U.K. Though, according to Candy Hunting, you can get your hands on these bad boys via eBay. All hope is not lost.

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