Gel Styling Tips

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Hair gel is a must if you want both extreme hold and good texture. What you don’t want, though, are the common hair gel disasters: rock-hard strands, and stiff-looking hair that looks unflattering and unnatural. How you apply hair gel is key to a natural looking hold.

Strong Enough

Gel is one of the most commonly used hair styling products because of the strong hold. The problem is that you may apply big glops of gel without really knowing how to work it into your hair. “Cosmopolitan” magazine recommends using just a quarter-size amount and distributing it evenly. You can use also use a comb to work the gel through your strands.

Extra Texture

Hair gel is also an ideal way to add some texture for short to medium-length styles. Apply the gel to damp hair, working the product with your fingertips from the roots to the ends. Scrunch and let air dry, or blow dry with a diffuser for extra dimension.